Power of the Red Rice-Exclusive Product Only at Foodkart

The staple food in India and many other Asian countries is Rice.Rice is considered the staple food in many parts of India. But not many Indians know that Rice is also considered the top main reason for diseases like Hypertension, erratic heart patterns, Diabetes which is rampant in the Urban cities.

These diseases grow, and the easy availability of Fried, adds over cooked and Junk food served in many Malls, Food courts, and other roadside restaurants and canteens o adds concern to this growing Problem.

With many harmful things found in this packaged market , from the findings of FDA , packaged foods are contaminated with Potassium Bromide , MSG , and other harmful chemical products and the entities should be dealt with sternly.

Even Rice , the staple food of many states in India is bad for health. According to the researchers , the polished Rice which is sold for some obscenely high amount in many of the local Kirana stores and Super Markets are bad for your health.

White rice and its harmful effects:

  1. According to a Delhi based weight management expert, Dr. Gargi Sharma, ” white rice undergoes process of polishing, the aleurone layer gets removed leading to loss of nutrients. This layer is rich in B vitamins, other nutrients and essential fats.”
  2. White rice is primarily starch. Due to processing, it falls short on some essential nutrients like thiamine, also known as B1 as well other B Vitamins. Consuming un-enriched white rice can lead to a condition called beriberi, which occurs due to thiamine deficiency.
  3. According to Dr. Ritika Samaddar, Max Healthcare Saket, New Delhi, “The milling and polishing destroys 67% of the vitamin B3, 80% of the vitamin B1, 90% of the vitamin B6, half of the manganese, half of the phosphorus, 60% of the iron, all of the dietary fibre as well the essential fatty acids present in the raw variety.”

As alarming as these facts may seem, doing away with white rice completely may be a tough choice for most people. This is where healthier alternatives like colored rice step in.


The healthier alternatives: Red Rice:

Red rice has similar nutritional profiles including harvesting process. These are either un-hulled or partially hulled types of rice, which means you get to chew on the bran and germ that are known to have various beneficial properties. Red rice is easily available across the globe whereas the red one is specifically typical to Himalayan Mountains, southern Tibet, Bhutan, as well as southern India.

Benefits of Red Rice:

  1.   Contains antioxidants to counteract free radical red/brown rice is a great source of iron or manganese. Mangan, who was simply instrumental in producing energy for the body is a vital element of the enzyme and is also an anti-oxidant that may safeguard the body from free-radicals which are formed once the energy produced. Additionally, red/brown rice is full of zinc, a mineral that can help accelerate wound healing and maintain the body’s defense mechanisms to function effectively. Just like iron or manganese, zinc is additionally full of antioxidants that safeguard the body from free-radicals that may damage tissues and cells within the body.
  2.  Containing Vitamin B6By consuming only one serving of red/brown rice can meet 23 percent of vitamin B6, the quantity required for the functioning of the organ. This particular vitamin is required to help balance the development of serotonin, red blood cells helping the creation of DNA cells.
  3.  Can Lower High CholesterolIn 1970, human studies reported red rice’s effect on reducing the blood levels of total cholesterol. The active component in red rice is monacolin K. It’s just like lovastatin within the prescription drug cholesterol-lowering drug, Mevacor. In accordance with EMedtv, the United States Food and Drug Administration has ruled that simply because lovastatin is really a prescription drug, any red yeast rice supplement with a substantial dosage of lovastatin is surely an unapproved drug and not a dietary supplement. Do not take red rice in case you have liver disease, are pregnant, or are younger than 18. Side effects consist of gas, heartburn, and dizziness.
  4.  Can Help Prevent Heart DiseaseHigher amounts of low-density lipoprotein or LDL in the blood cause plaque build-up in the walls of the arteries. This particular narrows the size of the arteries and could block the coronary artery, causing a heart attack. Reducing LDL cholesterol levels reduces the chance of heart disease. A 2009 study carried out by David Becker and Ram Gordon, cardiologists at Chestnut Hill Hospital reported that LDL cholesterol levels reduced more in patients receiving red yeast rice compared to patients getting a placebo.
  5.  Can Lower Blood GlucoseUncontrolled blood glucose levels in diabetics can ruin the eyes, kidneys and also the coronary heart. Controlling blood sugar levels reduces these dangers. In an animal research carried out at the Department of Food Science at the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Hon-Qi–a form of red yeast rice–was administered to induced diabetic rats and also to rats with normal blood glucose levels. This was a try to create a new replacement for dealing with diabetes. The results claim that oral administration of Hon-Qi may reduce blood glucose in diabetic rats inadequate insulin.
  6.  It lowers the risk of obesityRed rice will help you decrease the desire to eat and may cause you to feel fuller for the really long time. Moreover, red rice provides energy in your body and helps the digestion. Red rice is completely fat-free. Most likely you know that high-fat consumption boosts the chance of obesity. It’s been shown that individuals who eat red rice on a daily basis, have got a reduce chance of obesity. In case you are attempting to drop a few unwanted pounds, eating red rice could make the method simpler.
  7.  It helps in fighting asthmaSince red rice is a superb source of magnesium, which will help to manage your normal breathing pattern, consuming red rice regularly will assist you to avoid the issue of asthma. This really is among the best advantages of eating red rice. If you suffer from asthma, talk to your doctor and discover whether you can consume red rice or not.
  8. It’s fortified with powerful antioxidantsRed rice is additionally loaded with effective antioxidants which are extremely therapeutic for the skin. Consuming red rice frequently might help avoid the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Plus, red rice may help firm and tighten the skin and minimize the damage brought on by UV rays that may result in wrinkles.
  9. Red rice is good for your bone healthAs we mentioned above, red rice is a superb source of magnesium, that is ideal for your bone health. Magnesium is a crucial nutrient needed to build healthy bones and magnesium deficiency can result in osteoporosis and low bone density later in life. It has been verified that regular consumption of red rice will help avoid and relieve joint problems.
  10.  It’s rich in fiberRed rice is really a whole grain to help you meet your daily fiber requirements. One-quarter cup of red rice consists of about 2 grams of fiber, and it’s 8 percent of your daily fiber requirements. Fiber is renowned for its capability to assist in preventing and alleviate constipation, and enhance bowel function. While white rice is full of carbs, red rice is loaded with fiber. Additionally, it offers energy to your body required for regular body functioning.

Foodkart Offers one of a kind of most, Rice, healthy, tasty alternatives to the polished rice which is increasingly causing many health problems and one of the leading cause of Diabetes in India.

Foodkart Offers the all exclusive Organic Rice, freshly cultivated by the farmers in South and North East of India , packaged and delivered to the Customers. Our exclusive products are now available in Mumbai in retail stores.

We will soon be operating in our own E-Commerce website at http://www.foodkart.asia.

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How are we Different from our Competitors?

1)Our Vision is what makes us different from our competitors. Foodkart.Asia signifies that we are giving our services and products to the whole of Asia , similarly we have Foodkart.na , Foodkart.com.au, Foodkart.sa, Foodkart.af , Foodkart.Eu Our main Mission is to make our services and our products available to each and every person here on this planet. The only necessity is that he be present in this Planet (Maybe we will start our services to planet Mars 🙂 too if we colonize Mars before 5 Billion years, that’s when the Sun dies 😛 )

Yes ! You read it right. We tend to make our delivery services Super Quick and Super Fast , to the level where a customer from Helsinki orders Organic Bananas grown in Thiruvananthapuram , in India with ease.

2)We differentiate ourselves from our competitors in many ways. At present our competitors are only B2C , while we tend to be B2B as well as B2C , Why B2B? Well there are many instances and many problems a giant catering host or Hotels, Restaurants etc face. For instance IRCTC which serves about 10,000 people on a daily basis needs about 1000 kilo grams of Rice, Dal , 1000 Kgs of Vegetables , fruits, and other raw materials. The storage costs are additional for these things.So we at Foodkart inc tend to make this problems vanish. The customer just has to whip out his smartphone or connect to his laptop , you might be wondering yeah this is the same things dozens of other E-Commerce Websites operates, Well yeah true that , But we are not JUST ANY E-COMMERCE WEBSITE, what if I told you that you can order vegetables , fruits , raw materials like (Ghee,Dal, detergents ) and many other things just by dialing a number , and giving it directly to another person. Woah ! Wont that be great, No more separate data charges , and the awesome part is that you can order it in remote villages where getting a decent 3G signal is a pain in the ass.

3)Co-Ordination with the Farmers, as we said we are not just another E-Commerce Company who are always finding ways to make and earn money. The main idea behind Foodkart is making the lives of our Farmers which hovers around 114 Million of them in India alone. These 114 million includes all small time and big time Farmers each holding lands ranging from a few square meters to about acres of land.

The ironic thing here is that the same Farmers who serves you with the vegetables are the ones who have to sleep Hungry due to incessant rainfall , bugs , excessive diseases causing bacteria , fungi etc. We at Foodkart inc Co-Ordinate with Farmers , buying their goods directly from them , helping them where government funds are yet to be reached. By doing this we tend to eliminate the middlemen entirely which ultimately results in the increased costs. We believe that the fruits of hard work should only be enjoyed by the ones who actually toil hard for long hours in the hopes of getting a bountiful harvest. Which is always destroyed now-a-days , due to pollution,excessive deforestation etc .

4) Our Quick Delivery system, which reaches the farthest available pin codes in the entire world.

5)Our Technology which significantly reduces the inefficiency from delivering goods to saving Fuel and other hidden costs.

6)Our website also functions as Social Network / Information Provider , you want to know how to look younger or remove those pimples , well fret not you can get rid of them through natural ways and also order directly from the site itself.

7)We also tend to deliver goods to other Countries with our stamp trademark symbol Foodkart which assures that the products which are transported in bulk to other countries do not rot their as they haven’t cleared the customs.

Many instances of Mangoes from India rotting abroad due to the fear of pests contaminating the plants in the respective countries have been solved through our Quality goods.

Well there are a lot of different things we do differently from our competitors , but there are some things which are better kept secret 😉  !

You want to tell us what we could do to additionally improve our services , feel free to contact us at foodkart.asia@gmail.com

All Under One Roof.

Do you Often find yourself visiting one store to another whether it is in the case of buying fruits from one vendor and trying to negotiate the price and then moving on to the another in the hopes of getting a better deal, moving from one place to another , moving through all the crowd and dust and pollution, negotiating the vehicles , bikes and then finding bad quality products being sold at a very high price and then coming home exhausted and suddenly realizing that you have yet to prepare the presentation for the meeting on Monday or realizing that your child still has to complete his/her Home Work, realizing that you are too tired to spend enough time with your own family. The whole day wasted and the stress of work for the next coming days is haunting you.

What If you thought GOD !! IF ONLY THERE IS SOMETHING WHICH CAN AUTOMATE ALL THE PROCESS!! Well fret not, Introducing the ALL-UNDER-ONE-ROOF  scheme by Foodkart inc . If you have a smart phone just take it out and open the foodkart app and just swipe your fingers and get your things the very next day. Great right ? Well What if I told you that you need not worry about the timing of the delivery that is we would be delivering at your convenience , that would be great right ! Not to mention the competitive prices that we offer and the fast delivery system making sure that you get your things for the next week within 24 hours.

It gets better, You need not whip out your smart phone everytime that you order , Just select the number of weeks/months that you want your things to be delivered too , and we will deliver it everytime . Its like a subscription but with better discount rates and prices.

We assure the customers of our pure Organic Vegetables and fruits . Not even a drop of Fertilizers or artificial chemicals were used for growing the Plants which gives us such wonderful and tasty and healthy fruits and veggies.

What more can you ask for?!  If you want to add further services or if you think that our services would be even better if so and so are added , feel free to communicate those ideas . Please do Email them.

A better World.

The Goal which the CEO of the company Ankur Kumar Deori would like to achieve is eradication of world wide hunger. Ankur says ” The world has enough resources to satisfy each and everyone’s hunger.There is so much for each and every one of us.But you still see Hunger and Poverty in many countries and especially the developing countries where getting one meal in day is considered a gift from god.I am not trying to be god but I will try my level best to eradicate the Hunger. Whatever this company does will always benefit the people of the world.There are many companies out there who are just after money and money is all they think about.We are different and we will always work for the betterment of not only my country but the whole world.The day when Basmati rice could be afforded by the poorest of the poor and the day when no one goes to sleep hungry is the day I will have realized that I have been successful in my dreams of making this world a better world.”

The company Foodkart inc will not only help the Farmers but will also help their children get education so that they can lead better lives.Education is the only way forward and its a right for every children. Help us make this world a better world.

Healthy Living.

We really care about our customers health, We cater to the customers who are really Health Conscious , And also those people who really want to start eating Healthy. But What is the one thing that really makes people to Binge Eat ? According to researchers it is found that people who strictly followed the routine of eating healthy, gives up the moment something does not work out for them. They binge eat and the next day they feel guilty and stop eating , but the body needs fuel to get energy and the next meal they eat even more , its a vicious cycle and ultimately the biggest loss is for the person following this never ending diet plan.

We at Foodkart.Asia will also offer professional services ,Free of cost directly available to the users online on how to eat healthy and other health tips. The user just quickly needs to fill in their E-Mail and type in their password and they are ready to go.What we put inside our body , really matters. It is important to eat Healthy to live a long , and Fulfilling Life.

You can get all the information about what all you must eat for a good and prosperous Life. There is  a reason the proverb says that  “HEALTH IS WEALTH“. We provide all the essential information and the user can just select the buy option. What more can you ask for? The Account you make with Foodkart.Asia will not only give you vital information about “Healthy Life style” but you can also monitor your achievements through the account. We will constantly motivate you to eat healthy, after all a healthy mind lives in healthy body.

The account which the users create at Foodkart.Asia , the users once they log in will be provided with articles that they might be interested in. Like, “How to remain Young and Beautiful “, “How to Burn that Extra Fat ” , “Types of Exercises to reduce the Belly fat ” , Beauty Tips , Gym tips , Yoga Tips a whole Wikipedia of Information available to the users to get them to eat and stay fit. It is like a Social Networking site where you can keep up with what the celebrities , What they eat , What they do , etc etc to stay fit. You can Follow them or just keep up with your friends and family giving you the necessary Support .

Studies have confirmed that once you go on committing something to your friends and family you are most likely to follow that.

The user will be asked if they would want to get information ( The above mentioned ) about various things , Even if they say Yes/No , regardless of what they choose they can always turn on/off the option after they create the account.Some users may simply want to buy things from Foodkart.Asia , and we would not bother them by throwing additional information on to them. Our website and the users account will be Clean and Simple and Very User Friendly.

We Are Not Just a Profit Oriented Company, Like Many Others. Because We CARE.         

The Road Ahead

What will be our main focus :   Our main focus would be the utmost customer satisfaction in using our services which are wide and varied. The wide variety of services that we offer apart from the wide variety of products available in our stores is that we value the time of our customers. Our delivery mechanism would be of utmost importance apart from the Quality of the goods provided to our customers.

We will not only target the growing customers in India who uses the internet to buy goods from various E-Commerce Websites , the figure is estimated to be about 300 million (2014) , but we will also target the customers who has no internet services.

They can just call at our call center and can order their goods. This service not only caters those parts where the internet services  are still a distant dream but also where the connectivity is not good in certain areas.

About Foodkart.Asia

  • The company “Foodkart” is an online retail Market. Putting the whole user experience of shopping in a supermarket online. We also deal with Organic vegetables and fruits and their products.


  • Benefits are saving fuel, time, less haggling with the vendors in prices, Getting Everything under one store (E-Commerce Website).


  • What makes us different is that we will be dealing with the farmers associated with Organic Farming directly, cutting out the middle men and thereby making it more profitable. Also numerous other Functionality in the E-Commerce website, for example: a daily user need not click buy every week, the items (same) would be delivered to their doorstep periodically.

Why the need for an online Super Market Who caters to all your needs??

Do you get tired running from one place to another place in the name of shopping for an entire month? Do you get frustrated carrying those heavy bags from the Super Market.? What if you could experience the entire “Super Market Experience” minus the travelling time,Fuel wastage,Head Ache of choosing which vegetables or Fruits are good and of course the typical haggle with the fruits and vegetables waala. Well fret not, Foodkart.Asia wil

l cater to all your needs. Its an Up coming E-Commerce Company which is committed to making the users experience the “Ultimate Super-Market experience”. Customers can order all their daily,weekly or monthly list of items via the website Foodkart.Asia.

We give users the option to select from all the items you find in the super market only Bigger.There are many families out there whose shopping list remains the same for the week or month.Users need not come back to site to press the order button again and again once every month. Once you order you can select the option of “No need to press order button again” , which means we will continue to deliver the goods you ordered for the coming months . You can also deselect the option if you just want to try us out for the first time, But I assure you the Quality of our fruits and Vegetables and the services we offer , will leave you wanting more.

We have an on time delivery system, meaning you can select the time when you want your goods to be delivered.we have a free delivery system for orders worth 1000 and more.

We give tips about how to transform the body and look younger. It is said that “We are what we eat” Customers health is our prime priority.

We also offer Organic fruits and vegetables which comes under a special category. For each item you select you can view the health benefits of the items in our website thereby assuring yourself that you are making the right decision in what you put inside your own body.