A better World.

The Goal which the CEO of the company Ankur Kumar Deori would like to achieve is eradication of world wide hunger. Ankur says ” The world has enough resources to satisfy each and everyone’s hunger.There is so much for each and every one of us.But you still see Hunger and Poverty in many countries and especially the developing countries where getting one meal in day is considered a gift from god.I am not trying to be god but I will try my level best to eradicate the Hunger. Whatever this company does will always benefit the people of the world.There are many companies out there who are just after money and money is all they think about.We are different and we will always work for the betterment of not only my country but the whole world.The day when Basmati rice could be afforded by the poorest of the poor and the day when no one goes to sleep hungry is the day I will have realized that I have been successful in my dreams of making this world a better world.”

The company Foodkart inc will not only help the Farmers but will also help their children get education so that they can lead better lives.Education is the only way forward and its a right for every children. Help us make this world a better world.

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