All Under One Roof.

Do you Often find yourself visiting one store to another whether it is in the case of buying fruits from one vendor and trying to negotiate the price and then moving on to the another in the hopes of getting a better deal, moving from one place to another , moving through all the crowd and dust and pollution, negotiating the vehicles , bikes and then finding bad quality products being sold at a very high price and then coming home exhausted and suddenly realizing that you have yet to prepare the presentation for the meeting on Monday or realizing that your child still has to complete his/her Home Work, realizing that you are too tired to spend enough time with your own family. The whole day wasted and the stress of work for the next coming days is haunting you.

What If you thought GOD !! IF ONLY THERE IS SOMETHING WHICH CAN AUTOMATE ALL THE PROCESS!! Well fret not, Introducing the ALL-UNDER-ONE-ROOF  scheme by Foodkart inc . If you have a smart phone just take it out and open the foodkart app and just swipe your fingers and get your things the very next day. Great right ? Well What if I told you that you need not worry about the timing of the delivery that is we would be delivering at your convenience , that would be great right ! Not to mention the competitive prices that we offer and the fast delivery system making sure that you get your things for the next week within 24 hours.

It gets better, You need not whip out your smart phone everytime that you order , Just select the number of weeks/months that you want your things to be delivered too , and we will deliver it everytime . Its like a subscription but with better discount rates and prices.

We assure the customers of our pure Organic Vegetables and fruits . Not even a drop of Fertilizers or artificial chemicals were used for growing the Plants which gives us such wonderful and tasty and healthy fruits and veggies.

What more can you ask for?!  If you want to add further services or if you think that our services would be even better if so and so are added , feel free to communicate those ideas . Please do Email them.

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