How are we Different from our Competitors?

1)Our Vision is what makes us different from our competitors. Foodkart.Asia signifies that we are giving our services and products to the whole of Asia , similarly we have ,,, , Foodkart.Eu Our main Mission is to make our services and our products available to each and every person here on this planet. The only necessity is that he be present in this Planet (Maybe we will start our services to planet Mars 🙂 too if we colonize Mars before 5 Billion years, that’s when the Sun dies 😛 )

Yes ! You read it right. We tend to make our delivery services Super Quick and Super Fast , to the level where a customer from Helsinki orders Organic Bananas grown in Thiruvananthapuram , in India with ease.

2)We differentiate ourselves from our competitors in many ways. At present our competitors are only B2C , while we tend to be B2B as well as B2C , Why B2B? Well there are many instances and many problems a giant catering host or Hotels, Restaurants etc face. For instance IRCTC which serves about 10,000 people on a daily basis needs about 1000 kilo grams of Rice, Dal , 1000 Kgs of Vegetables , fruits, and other raw materials. The storage costs are additional for these things.So we at Foodkart inc tend to make this problems vanish. The customer just has to whip out his smartphone or connect to his laptop , you might be wondering yeah this is the same things dozens of other E-Commerce Websites operates, Well yeah true that , But we are not JUST ANY E-COMMERCE WEBSITE, what if I told you that you can order vegetables , fruits , raw materials like (Ghee,Dal, detergents ) and many other things just by dialing a number , and giving it directly to another person. Woah ! Wont that be great, No more separate data charges , and the awesome part is that you can order it in remote villages where getting a decent 3G signal is a pain in the ass.

3)Co-Ordination with the Farmers, as we said we are not just another E-Commerce Company who are always finding ways to make and earn money. The main idea behind Foodkart is making the lives of our Farmers which hovers around 114 Million of them in India alone. These 114 million includes all small time and big time Farmers each holding lands ranging from a few square meters to about acres of land.

The ironic thing here is that the same Farmers who serves you with the vegetables are the ones who have to sleep Hungry due to incessant rainfall , bugs , excessive diseases causing bacteria , fungi etc. We at Foodkart inc Co-Ordinate with Farmers , buying their goods directly from them , helping them where government funds are yet to be reached. By doing this we tend to eliminate the middlemen entirely which ultimately results in the increased costs. We believe that the fruits of hard work should only be enjoyed by the ones who actually toil hard for long hours in the hopes of getting a bountiful harvest. Which is always destroyed now-a-days , due to pollution,excessive deforestation etc .

4) Our Quick Delivery system, which reaches the farthest available pin codes in the entire world.

5)Our Technology which significantly reduces the inefficiency from delivering goods to saving Fuel and other hidden costs.

6)Our website also functions as Social Network / Information Provider , you want to know how to look younger or remove those pimples , well fret not you can get rid of them through natural ways and also order directly from the site itself.

7)We also tend to deliver goods to other Countries with our stamp trademark symbol Foodkart which assures that the products which are transported in bulk to other countries do not rot their as they haven’t cleared the customs.

Many instances of Mangoes from India rotting abroad due to the fear of pests contaminating the plants in the respective countries have been solved through our Quality goods.

Well there are a lot of different things we do differently from our competitors , but there are some things which are better kept secret 😉  !

You want to tell us what we could do to additionally improve our services , feel free to contact us at

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